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Best Western hotel chain – is an example of one of the most successful enterprises in the hotel industry. Best Western Hotels is mentioned among the world's largest network of hotels.

Best Western Hotels was established right after World War II. Originally it was a merging of the 65 U.S. hotels, which have decided to develop under a single brand. Today, under the brand name of Best Western there are over 4 thousand hotels, with the total hotel room capacity exceeding 300 thousand rooms. Best Western hotels are opened in more than 80 countries around the world. The head office is located in the U.S., in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. Each hotel of the Best Western hotel chain – it is a franchise, which has its own owner, but following the common standards of the chain hotel service. However, unlike the usual franchise, Best Western hotels around the world are united as a non-profit organization. Simply speaking, Best Western – it is some kind of union, logo of which after the agreement can be used by all the members.

However, as it has been already mentioned, Best Western Hotels - it is a system of standards. In particular, it relates to the execution of contractual relations between the trademark owner and the owner of the hotel. This contract is small and concluded for one year. The owner of the hotel can extern or not extern a contract on his own volition. Otherwise, hotelier is free to determine the hotel policy, from design to the tip size. This allows individual hotels to maintain a unique atmosphere. Therefore, hotels of Best Western chain often have their own appearance, unlike other hotel chains, which demand a unified appearance all their hotels.

So the determinative feature of the hotels of Best Western is a logo. However the hotel may add to the name of Best Western Hotels its own name, for example, Best Western Hotels Neptun in St. Petersburg.

Best Western Hotels includes not only individual hotels, but also a small hotel chains. For example, a chain of luxury hotels has received a corporate brand Best Western Premier. Under the brand of Best Western Hotels, you can also find motel chains. Best Western motels are widespread in the USA.