Hotel Business

“Hotel Business” section is a sort of guide to the basic terminology in the hotel industry. Many new expressions appear annually in the tourist industry. Even so, hundreds of words, concerning hotel business, are still unknown by the most of the tourists. Telling you about hotel business at our portal “City of Hotels”, we will try to bridge this unfortunate gap.

In "Hotel Classification" section we give that part of terminology that can be met by a tourist during his /her journeys. It is no secret that the hotels in different countries have their own peculiarities. Even such a common place as a registration desk can be called absolutely differently. Of course, basically that concerns small private hotels. In the hotels of the huge international chains such as Hilton or Accor, you won’t need much effort to determine the location of the main hotel services.

Hotel Chains

Hotel chains nowadays form the basis of world tourist business. There are currently several hundreds of hotel chains in the world. Among them giant...

Hotel Classification

Stars – this is probably the most known in Russia method of classification of hotels. However, in the world not all the countries use such a...

Hotel Design

Hotel design. In the hotel industry this area determines the appearance of hotels, both present and future. As far back as three decades ago,...

Hotel Developers

Developers – are the spine of hotel business. It is developers, who design the projects of hotels, look for a site for construction and...
ITB in Berlin

Hotel Fairs

Fairs in tourist and hotel industry are taking place regularly. Many of them have become significant events for the entire industry. Such huge...

Hotel Rooms

It is quite strange, that so far in the hotel industry has not appeared a unified classification system for the hotel rooms. Of course, today...

Hotel Services

Hotel services, their number and the amount of people engaged in them depends on the size of the hotel as well as on its status. Typically, the...

Hotel Staff

Hotel staff - is the appearance of every hotel. People, working in the hotel, form the attitude of the clients to the hotel no less than the...

Accommodation in Moscow

Accommodation available in the capital of Russia will satisfy the tastes of the most discerning travelers: luxury hotels, holiday apartments, boutique hotels, historic hotels - so everyone will find what suits him/her the best.

Accommodation in Moscow

Baltic Sea Vacation

Information about Baltic Regions, holidays, news and accommodation at the Baltic Sea can be found at the portal The database of vacation rentals at the website is updated regularly.

Baltic Sea Vacation

Accommodation in Sicily

Sicily is not just a part of Italy. Sicily is more like a whole country with its own language, cuisine, traditions and unique rhythm.

Accommodation in Sicilia