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Hotels and hotel business is one of the major fields of the world tourism. “City of Hotels” portal offers Internet-users a wide range of information about where and how a tourist can stay; it also gives an opportunity to book a hotel in more than 50 countries, represented in the portal’s catalog. Reservation of the hotel can be made directly on the website within couple of minutes.

Hotels in Brazil and residence buildings in Turkey, apartments in Paris and suites in London, hotels with swimming pools, restaurants, fitness centers, hotels for people with disabilities, boarding houses and gigantic hotel complexes – over 40 thousand of hotel offers can be found in the database of our portal. You can complete you request in the Reservation column.

Hotel business today – it is an industry, which involves millions of employees and which is invested with milliards of dollars annually. A modern hotel – is not just a way to provide an accommodation for a tourist. Hotel now combines business and entertainment centers. It is a place where major business summits and meetings are carried out. Many of the hotels are full-fledged entertainment complexes with casino, gyms, billiard rooms, tennis courts and even a roller coaster. There are entire hotel chains, aimed for certain group of tourists: hotels for lovers, hotels for students, boutique hotel for creative bohemia or even one of the latest innovations – pet hotels. You can find more detailed information about hotel business and about all that it involves in the <> section.

If you already know, where you are going for a vacation, but haven’t decided yet on a choice of a hotel, <> portal is always ready to assist in your search. Our hotel database, as well as reference materials about various aspect of recreation in hotels – are at your service.

Hotel Rooms

Hotel corridor It is quite strange, that so far in the hotel industry has not appeared a unified classification system for the hotel rooms. Of course, today...

Booking FAQ

Booking FAQ On this page you can find the answers on the various questions regarding the process and rules of booking. If you do not find the required...

The Hotel Ritz in Paris

The Hotel Ritz in Paris The Hotel Ritz in Paris is a legendary place for Paris as well as Eiffel Tower or the Champs Elysees. Ritz in Paris - is a symbol of luxury and one...

Hilton Hotels

Hitlon Hotel Hilton Empire. Probably everyone in the world of tourism has heard about this company. Hilton hotel chain – is one of the largest and best...

Ice Hotels

Ice Hotel Ice hotels or igloo hotels appeared fist in Scandinavia. Know-how in the invention of the new type of tourist accommodation belongs to Sweden. In...

Eco Hotels

Eco Hotel in Peru Ecological hotels appeared as a result of increased demand for natural recreation, which has formed at the hotel market in the last two decades....

Front Office

Doorkeeper Front-office and guest accommodation services are responsible in many ways for the customer's first impression of one or another hotel. If not to...


Hotel in Germany Hotels Germany Hotels in Germany - it is clean and well-maintained rooms, regardless the hotel status. German passion for order ensures clean

Great Britain

Hotel in London Hotels in UK - hotels in Great Britain For a long time, hotels in UK stood alone from the rest of the hospitality industry. That also applied


Austria Hotels in Austria   Hotels in Austria - a model of classical approach in the hotel industry. Hotels in Austria reflect the temper of t

Holidays in Andalusia

Hot sea, golden beaches and bright-blue sky - this is how a vacation in Andalusia can be described. So what are you waiting for, call you friends, book a holiday home using, get airline tickets and prepare to enjoyable holidays in Andalusia.

Holidays in Andalusia

Balaton Travel Guide

Lake Balaton is a perfect holiday destination for a family vacation. The southern shore of Lake Balaton is shallow, so it will be very suitable for holidays with small kids. Vacation rentals at Lake Balaton can be booked directly at

Balaton Travel Guide

Vacation in Czech Republic

The main tourist destination in the Czech Republic is its captial - Prague. Vacation rentals in Prague can be booked directly at

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