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So many countries – so many traditions. This phrase is true even for hotels. It is known that international tourist corporations virtually unified the system of hotel services. However, in many countries there are their own unique traditions of hospitability. Hotels in such counties still carefully preserve their own unique features. For example, in some Japanese mountain hotels there are hot springs directly on the territory of hotel. And in many French hotels you will be offered a cheese desert as a compulsory complement to a dinner. In British hotels owners are supposed to serve food and beverages, because these rules are legally vested in the country. In Brazilian hotels you will be offered the famous caipirinha cocktail, which recipe has been officially approved by the Brazilian Government.

Even so, besides the diversity of traditions in hotels, there is diversity in forms of the hotels themselves. In the USA and Western Europe there are huge hotel chains specializing in organizing of vacations for narrow target groups. These include hotels for the newly married couples, hotels for students and romantic hotels.

In the international tourism it is usual to point out a few dozens of different hotel types. Each group offers recreation and accommodation according to its particular standards. And the range of offers is extremely wide. So, when it comes to the lower segment a capsule hotel in Japan can be used as an example of the most ascetic service – the size of the room is 2x1 meters. Boutique hotels are the top class hotels, where every detail in service and interior shows the luxury and high prices.

Between those two types ordinary hotels are located – Bed and Breakfast hotels, apartment hotels and hostels. Even so, it is not necessary that the type of the hotel would affect the price. For example, in Italy there a number of exclusive B&B hotels, where the cost of the single room is more than 300 dollars a day. This is despite the fact that the average price in the ordinary Italian B & B varies from 30 to 100 euros per day.

All around the world not only recreation is associated with hotels. Hotels often become legendary and cult places. Among the world’s most famous hotels: Plaza in New York, Astoria in St. Petersburg, Vendome in Paris and Burj Al Arab in Dubai. All of them are considered to be not just hotels, but embodiment of the spirit of a certain era.

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