Domina Hotels

Domina Hotels are known for their Italian origin. Domina Hotel Group – is a young and dynamically developing company. The year of foundation of Domina Hotel Group is 2000. Originally Domina opened its hotels exclusively on Apennines: in Rome, Milan, Bari. Over time Domina hotels outtraveled Italy and spread throughout the world. Today hotels under Domina brand can be found in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in Egypt. The chain includes about 40 hotels and annually opens several new hotels.

Hotels Domina, as the Italian brand, is in demand mainly from the part of tourists, who are very fond of everything Italian. There are many such tourists in the world. Room design in Domina hotels, cuisine in the hotel restaurants, design of the menu - perfect taste is one of the guarantees of the successful activity of Domina hotels.

Domina chain is represented today by four brands: Domina Prestige, Domina Hotel, Domina Inn, Domina Coral Bay. Each brand of Domina hotels is designed for a specific client. Thus, Domina Inn - for traveling businessmen, Domina Coral Bay – hotels-resorts for those, who prefer special comfort.

Domina Hotel Group develops its chain along with Domina Vacanze - an Italian tour operator that offers holidays using timeshare system, and also performs hotel management. The name of Domina Vacanze is known not only to tourists, but also to sports fans. Domina Vacanze is a sponsor of one of the professional bicycle teams, which regularly takes part in all prestigious cycle races: from the Tour de France to Giro d’Italia.

Domina Group has recently started an active expansion in the markets of developing countries. Taking into the account the fact that the hotel industry in Europe is practically divided between the larger and more experienced players in the hotel business, the strategy of Domina Hotel Group to develop its chain outside of the Old World looks quite convincing. Among the countries, where Domina plans to aggressively build hotels under its brands - Russia and India. In India Domina in conjunction with local real estate operator implements an ambitious project, according to which there will be about 25 hotels under the brand Domina in India by 2012. In Russia new Domina hotels will accept guests in St. Petersburg, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Kaliningrad and other cities. Total number of rooms in Domina hotels in Russia after the completion of the hotel will be about 1 thousand, which in total are estimated up to 150 million euros.

7 Domina hotels are represented at

- Domina Hotel & Conference Palace, Bari, Italy

- Domina Home Alaska, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

- Domina Inn City, Tallinn, Estonia

- Domina Inn Fiesta, Budapest, Hungary

- Domina Residence Poznan, Poznan, Poland

- Domina Hotel Kurhaus & Conference Park, Bad Kreuznach, Germany

- Domina Hotel & Conference Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands