Formula 1 Hotels

Formula 1 hotel chain was created under the auspices of the French hotel corporation Accor. Formula 1 offers inexpensive hotels, which for the amount of 30 to 40 euros can provide you with a room with basic amenities. Such an accommodation type is called <<budget hotels>>. Formula 1 is now considered to one of the leaders of the European market in this field. Key customers of Formula 1 hotels are bus tours participants and truck drivers.

Formula 1 hotel chain is represented in many big European cities. Today Formula 1 chain has over 370 hotels in a dozen of countries. France can be considered a homeland of the hotel chain. The largest number of Formula 1 hotels is located there, which is represented at the French market under the brand F1 hotels.

The main difference between Formula 1 hotels and other similar budget hotels is in the fact that almost all of them are located along the roads. That largely explains the choice of the chain name. So it is almost guaranteed that you will get a view of the highway from the windows of your room.

Rooms in Formula 1 hotels, as it is supposed for the 1* hotels, doesn’t abound with exotica. Beds for adults, a single bed for a child, washstand in a room, general bathroom and toilet, breakfast included. It is modest, but for those who travel economically, this type of accommodation will be a great solution. The price of the cheapest room in the Formula 1 hotel – starts from 29 euros. This is slightly cheaper than in a similar hotel chain of Accor Corporation – Etap. However, in the room of Etap you can count on a separate bathroom and toilet.

During a trip to Europe and France in particular, it wouldn’t be odd to know that it is possible to book a room in Formula 1 hotels directly at the reception in the morning(from 6 am till 10 am) and in the evening (from 5 pm till 10 pm). The rest of the time rooms can be booked via phone or using a special machine near the registration desk.

Formula 1 plans to expand its hotel chain. Today Formula 1 hotels can be also found in Brazil, Japan, South Africa, and Australia. It the nearest future a construction of new hotels in Russia, particularly in Moscow, is planned.