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Hyatt hotel chain is one of the <<whales>> of the tourist market of the United States. Hyatt operates in the niche of extra-class hotels. The trademarks of the company, such as Park Hyatt, Regency Hyatt and Grand Hyatt, are hotel chains, most hotels in which have 4-5 * status. Not so long ago Summerfield Suites hotel chain joined Hyatt family. Summerfield Suites hotel chain consists of 26 hotels located in the United States. Also in 2004 the company bought a chain of suit hotels from the American investment fund Blackstone Group

Each of the Hyatt brands has its own peculiarities. Park Hyatt hotels can be distinguished by the small number of rooms and the interior decoration with an emphasis on the national flavor. Grand Hyatt – it is super luxury, where the room furnishing and the appearance of the hotels are unique and sui generis. Regency Hyatt – is the oldest brand of the chain, which reflects all the achievements of Hyatt for a half-century existence of the company.

Hyatt hotel chain belongs to one of the richest clans of America – the Pritzker family, whose wealth according to the Forbes is estimated at five and a half billon dollars. Hyatt was founded in 1957 and received its name in honor of one of the founders – Sean Hyatt. The first Hyatt hotel was situated on the territory of Los Angeles airport. Subsequently, Sean Hyatt sold his share of the business to Jay Pritzker. The moment of the sale of the first hotel can be consider the official start of Hyatt growth. In 1967 the first of the famous Hyatt atriums appeared – Hyatt Regency hotel in Atlanta. Afterwards these hotels have become the hallmark of the Hyatt chain.

Hotels of the Hyatt chain own several records in the hotel industry. One of the most recent – Grand Hyatt hotel in Shanghai, which was recognized as the highest one in the world.

Hyatt hotels can be found in all the major cities of the world. Among the latest priorities in the development strategy of the company – the hotel market of the Middle East. In Dubai, Hyatt administer Grand Hyatt hotel, built in the heart of the famous resort in 2005. Grand Hyatt in Cairo is reckoned among the best hotels of the Egyptian capital. Hyatt in Cairo, by the way, was in the center of a scandal, related to a ban on the sale of alcohol in hotel, not so long ago. The hotel owner and Hyatt managed to reach a compromise in September 2008 and retain the 5* status of the hotel. Among the plans of Hyatt is the construction of a luxury hotel in the UAE capital – Abu Dhabi, which should be completed in 2010.

At present Hyatt has a chain of more than 200 hotels worldwide. Each of the Hyatt hotels offers a wide range of services and a high level of comfort. Hyatt brand can be considered a synonym of <<modern luxury>>, which operates in the niche of such grandees of the hotel business as Ritz-Carlton.

Photo: Gary Minnaert, wikipedia