Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotel Chain known for exceptionally high quality of service and reputation of one of the finest hotel chains in the world. Marriott started in 1927 with a modest catering family business. The first hotel under the Marriott brand appeared in 1957. Today, Marriott hotels can be found on all the continents of the world, except Antarctica. Giant empire has over 2500 hotels worldwide. The staff of the company consists of more than 200 thousand people, and annual sales have crossed the mark of 10 billion dollars.

Marriott is a multibrand corporation. It is represented by various hotels, which are aimed for a wide range of target groups. Among the Marriott brands are: luxurious hotels Bulgari and Renaissance, middle-class hotels Courtyard Marriott, hotel chains Residence Inn and Fairfield Inn, restaurant chain Howard Johnson. Marriot owns 49% of shares of the world known chain of luxurious hotels Ritz-Carlton. Thereby among all the hotels under Marriott brand the family of founders fully owns only 6 hotels. One half of Marriott hotel stock works now on terms of franchising, another half doesn’t belong to Marriott as well, but it is under its administration.

Marriott has experienced ups and downs, even it its recent history. In 2001 the company has experienced numerous problems, related to the claims of hotel owners to Marriott. Hoteliers were not satisfied with the company actions in the field of providing franchising services and demanded the revision of the contract. At that time, shares of hotel giant become cheaper by one third and that created a critical situation for Marriott. However, since 2003, the company has demonstrated a steady growth. Shares of Marriott have doubled in price over the past five years, in its price.

Major competitors of Marriott – American companies Hilton and Starwood, despite famous names and impressive size of their hotel chains, still have not yet been able to achieve the success of Marriott.

Marriott attracts guests in various ways. The best known of them – is a special offer of discounts, which is called Marriott Reward. Any client of the hotel chain can take part in it. After spending of a certain amount of days in the hotel room he may count on a wide range of bonuses within the bounds of Marriott Reward program: from a free breakfast to exclusive gifts in a room and free accommodation. Marriott Reward today is supported by the 9 chain brands.

Marriott is changing the tactics of its hotels according to the spirit of the times. In 2006 in all the hotels of the company, located in the U.S. and Canada, the smoking was prohibited. Marriott is also known for its programs intended for the reduction of harmful impacts on the environment – Green Marriott.