Radisson Hotels

Radisson hotel chain – one of the world famous hotel brands, which came into global hotel industry from the USA. Radisson hotels can be found today almost at all popular resorts of Europe, Asia, Africa and America. The full name of the chain is Radisson hotels and resorts.

Radisson hotels offer a high level of service of 4-5 * status. The market niche of the company – are luxury hotels as well as large hotel resort complexes.

Radisson hotel chain is represented at the market with two brands – Radisson USA and Radisson SAS for the rest of the world. The second brand was launched in cooperation with the Scandinavian airline company SAS. Under the brand name Radisson SAS more than 150 hotels are opened today. The management of the hotels Radisson SAS in Europe is performed by Rezidor Hotel Group Company, with headquarters in Brussels.

The owner of Radisson chain, since 1962, is Carlson family. One of the riches clans in the USA administers 450 Radisson hotels in more than 60 countries around the world.

Radisson rapidly develops new markets. In particular, Radisson was one of the first hotel chains in the world, which had come to the hotel market of Russian and the CIS. Radisson now operates one of the best hotels of Sochi – Radisson SAS Lazurnaya, which belongs to <<Gazprom>>.

Radisson actively uses modern mechanisms of attracting and retaining of customers. Loyalty programs in Radisson hotels – is one of the most effective tools. The newest version of the discount and bonuses system for Radisson hotels clients is called Radisson Goldpoints Plus. Goldpoints Plus provides points accumulation by the client for using Radisson hotels’ services. Afterwards, these points can be used as bonuses while renting rooms in Radisson hotels. Other hotel chains operated by Carlson Companies also participate in the discount system: Park Plaza, Country Inns, Park Inn, Regent. Besides that, Radisson is the only one hotel chain, which offers a loyalty program for tour operators – Look To Book.

Among the latest innovations in Radisson hotels – are particularly comfortable room – Sleep Numbers – with specially designed beds – Select Comfort. These rooms are available in the hotels of the USA, Canada as well as Caribbean hotels. Actually, beds in Radisson hotels have always been one of the main advantages of hotels of the chain, regardless of the hotel rank.

Among the major competitors of Radisson chain today – Hilton, Sheraton and Marriott.