Hotel Classification

Stars – this is probably the most known in Russia method of classification of hotels. However, in the world not all the countries use such a system. It is often a surprising fact for the tourists that there is no entire certification system for the hotels in the world. Though, the attempts to combine the existing ratings into a common system have been made repeatedly. For example, the World Tourist Organization developed a document with detailed instructions for the certification of the hotels rated from 2 to 5 <<stars>>. However, it was more a recommendation, than a basic rule, so many hotels decided not to change the existing order of things.

Today, the hotels often use literal and symbolic denotation to determine their status. Thus, until recent time literal classification was widely used in Greece. In Sweden today as a symbol of class <<key>> is used instead of <<star>>, in Britain - <<crown>>, and the hotels on the coast of Goa receive points.

In addition, there are two types of hotel on the so-called price poles, which usually stay outside the most classifications. These are: on the one hand, the luxury-class hotels, and on the other – economy hotels, accommodation in which is limited by Spartan minimum of services.

If to talk about the <<star>> classification adopted in the most European countries, even here a common system of comfort determination cannot be guaranteed. This can be well-illustrated using an example of the most common type of the hotel in Europe with 3* rank. Often the owners of the private 3* hotel in France, England and Austria do not follow the parameters recommended for the hotels of that rank. The set of services in such hotels is often more than modest. The reason for that type of behavior of the hotel owners is simple – their countries are traditionally popular among the tourist during the whole year, and they won’t face a problem with a lack of occupied rooms even with the fairly low level of service. At the same time such countries as Turkey, Hungary and Bulgaria in the 3* hotels often organize service even better, than it is required by the standards. Sometimes these hotels lack the bigger room size to obtain 4* rank. All the other services, including expensive cosmetics in the rooms, swimming pools, air conditioners and mini-bars are available to the guests.

Regarding hotels of the highest price category, even here everything is unclear. For example, in some Arab countries because of the prohibition law many hotel of 5* rank are not allowed to have mini-bars in rooms, so that is why they get 4* rank.

Among the main criteria of hotel classification are as follows:

- The room size. For hotel of the lowest segment the maximum size is about 10 meters, 3* hotels – from 10 meters, 4* hotels – from 14 meters, 5* hotels – from 16 meters.
- The quality of hotel services. The bigger the <<star>> rank of the hotel, the more frequent cleaning can be expected. The quality of meals can be also considered in this criterion.
- The hotel location. The area of tourism is important for this criterion. Thus, for the excursion tours the proximity to the historical center is important, for the sea resorts – the proximity to the sea, for spa hotels - privacy and harmonious surroundings.

<<Hotel Classification>> section will tell you in detail about each of the 5 <<star>> standards of hotels, and also familiarize you