Underground Hotels

Underground hotel in Australia Underground hotel in Australia

Underground hotels. At first glance, this type of accommodation seems to be appropriate only for Gollum from the Tolkien’s trilogy <<The Lord of the Rings>>. But in fact, rooms in underground hotels become very popular. And it is not only due to the privacy and peace. Underground hotels – it is an exotic kind of recreation, which helps to get rid of many problems with health thanks to the special composition of the air at great depths.

The first underground hotel Desert cave appeared in Australia in 1988. It was created in the province of New South Wales in the catacombs, where opals were once mined. The date of underground hotel foundation cab be considered the official date of the beginning of the underground hotels expansion. Officially, the hotel has 3 * status and the room price in it is 120 Australian dollars.

Twenty years since the establishment of the first underground hotel, were marked with the appearance of dozens of new cave and underground hotels all over the world. There are numerous truly unique hotels among them. It concerns underground hotel in Sweden, which consists only from one room. Hotel Sala is located at a depth of 155 meters in the former silver mines. This type of accommodation in Sweden will suit the most devoted fans of Gothic, as well as those, who are interested in what actually gnomes feel. Guide’s story about the history of these mines will be a pleasant supplement to vivid impressions left by this hotel. During the operation of silver mines about 40 thousand tons of rock were excavated manually. Every year the mine produced about three tons of silver.

Woodlyn park in New Zealand continues the theme of fantasy in the field of underground accommodation. One of the hotels of the entertainment park offers rooms in the real hobbit’s hole - Hobbit Underground Motel. However, the hole resembles the house of fairytale character only outwardly, largely thanks to the famous round doors. Inside it is a full-fledged hotel with modern furniture and equipment.

Underground hotels promise to become a popular trend in the hotel industry in future. It is expected, that the biggest of them will be located in Shanghai. Songjiang beauty spot – that is a name of the hotel, which is being constructed on the site of the former stone quarry near Shanghai. This unique engineering project has 21 floors. It goes down on a vertical wall directly to an artificial lake, under the bottom of which the sport center of the hotel is located. The roof of the hotel is a garden with a total area of 3 thousand square meters.

Photo: https://www.desertcave.com.au