Underwater Hotels

Underwater hotels – one of the most expensive and exotic ways of accommodation in the modern hotel industry. As the popularity of diving grows, the demand for underground hotels services increases. Stay in the room on the sea floor, surrounded by deep-water colorful flora and fauna – such tourist experience is desired by thousands of travelers.

Recreation in the underwater hotels – is still the exclusive entertainment. It is offered mainly in tropical regions. The most popular are underwater hotels, located in the area of Oceania islands, where the underwater world is especially colorful and bright.

One of the most famous underwater hotels lately became Jules Undersea Lodge off the coast of Florida, United States. This underwater hotel opened by two enthusiastic scientists Neil Monney and Ian Koblick. They have transformed the former deep-sea station for sea floor studying into the hotel. Jules Undersea Lodge hotel is located at a depth of about 7 meters, and in order to get to it, tourists should be able to dive with aqualung. That is why only those, who have a diver certificate, can become the guests of this hotel. The cost of one night under the water off the coasts of Florida is 350 dollars.

Another underwater hotel is situated in one of the capitals of the world's diving - in the Maldives. Maldives have in their water area not just the underwater hotel, but an entire spa center - five star Huvafen Fushi Resort. 6 rooms of colored glass provide customers with the unique opportunity to fully relax during the session and observe the underwater world of the tropics in its natural form. Spa works just like daytime saloon. The main accommodation of the tourists is a chain of bungalow on the coast. One night in the Maldivian hotel Huvafen Fushi Resort will cost 880 dollars.

Fiji Islands in 2009 will become a place, where one of the most ambitious projects in the global spa industry will be implemented. The world’s biggest underwater hotel Poseidon will be opened in Fiji. All the amenities of the hotel will be located at a depth of 12 meters. Poseidon promises to be one of the most expensive hotels in the world as well. The price of the room per day will be around 15 thousand dollars.

A new hotel in Dubai – Hydropolis - promises to be no less loud project in the field of underwater hospitability. Guests will be arriving to their rooms on a special train. Hotel will be located at a depth of 20 meters. One of the best security systems in the UAE will be created for the hotel, including even air defense system. The room price in Hydropolis will be about 5 thousand dollars a day.