launched 6 new language versions launched 6 new language versions launched 6 new language versions
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One of the leaders of the world booking market in the Internet, portal, announced the launch of 6 new language versions of hotel booking system for some countries in Eastern Europe. It will by much easier to book hotels, represented at for citizens of Ukraine, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Slovakia. The interface of is now available in the official languages of these countries.

Besides language, every version of will reflect the prices of hotel rooms in the local currencies. For Croatia prices in crowns will be shown till the new year, because since January 2009 Euro will become the currency of the country.

Today there are 32 language versions of available. Citizens of Spain, France, Germany, Scandinavian countries, Poland, Russia and Benelux can book hotels using their natural languages. tends to make the hotel reservation through its resources available to the maximum number of users. In the beginning of 2009 portal plans to implement additional language versions of its online hotel booking system. Among the countries, which will receive localized versions are: Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Hungary and Iceland.

According to the official press release of the company, considers the countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East as a priority area of development. Therefore, will continue financing projects, aimed at attracting new users from these countries to their products. Company was founded in 1991 in Dallas, Texas. Originally the company was the Hotel Reservation Network and provided services in the field of phone booking of hotel rooms in the major U.S. cities. website appeared in 2002. In the same year the company changed its name to

Date: 20/12/2008


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