Domain address .travel has activated the advertising campaign

Domain address .travel has activated the advertising campaign
Domain address .travel has activated the advertising campaign
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Domain address .travel has decided to draw attention to its services. Company-owner of the new top level domain promotes its services now with the help of the video. Promo video that tells potential customers about the benefits of the domain name .travel appeared on the official site of the project on September 9, 2009.

Domain name .travel is the address of the new generation of domain names. Web sites registered in the domain, will have at the end of its url word travel. It is easy to guess, that the domain address .travel is focused primarily on the segment of the online tourist industry. The target group of users of .travel includes travel bureaus, travel agency, as well as the web sites of the hotels.

Today a number of tourist offices and offices, including official representation of Tourism Canada, Montenegro, Slovakia, Argentina have already placed their web sites at the domain .travel.

The non-commercial organization Travel Partnership Corporation, based in Washington is responsible for the promotion of the domain name .travel. The Travel Partnership Corporation Company has developed a number of recommendations for tourist structures, which are interested in promoting their services on the Internet. Currently, the usage of the domain name .travel is proposed to:

- Airlines
- Theme parks
- The private sector, Bed & Breakfast
- Car Rental services
- Bus lines
- Taxi service
- Campground owners
- Online booking services
- Cruise company
- Hotels
- Resorts
- Casinos
- Restaurants
- Passenger lines
- Tourist media

Insurance companies working in the field of tourism and tourism education institutions were recently added to this list as well.

Domain name .travel actively promotes its services offline, too. Thus, from the 13th to 15th of September The Travel Partnership Corporation arranges the presentation of the domain portal .travel on Las Vegas tourism exhibition THETRADESHOW. THETRADESHOW in Las Vegas is considered one of the largest fairs in the U.S. in the field of tourism, travel destinations, leisure and tourism business.

A wide range of hotels in Las Vegas is available for online booking on

Date: 14/09/2009


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