Guests of the Marriott can win an original painting by Jean Claude Roy

Guests of the Marriott can win an original painting by Jean Claude Roy
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The famous hotel chain Marriott, which presented to the public earlier this year a new brand Autograph Collection as a group of independent hotels and resorts that include luxury hotels of the highest class, has announced the accession of 7 new hotels. During the month of April all the guests of Autograph Collection will be able to win an original painting of the painter Jean Claude Roy.

During April 2010 a new brand will join 7 luxury boutique hotels of the Kessler Collection marked with the highest awards of the industry. American hotel Casa Monica in Florida will be the first of the seven Kessler hotels, which will join the Marriott group. The magnificent hotel is situated in one of the oldest cities in America and was reconstructed in 1999. Today Casa Monica is a great sight and a priceless diamond in the Kessler galaxy and in a magnificent way combines the legendary past and the incomparable comfort of modern time.

The General Director of Kessler Collection Richard Kessler has a unique collection, where are more than 10 000 works of art, including paintings, glass and porcelain, wood and bronze sculptures. Most of the works are presented in a luxurious Kessler hotel chain.

To mark the cooperation with the Marriott International and Autograph Collection Mr. Kessler gave original paintings by the famous French impressionist-colorist Jean Claude Roy. During the period from March 22 to April 30, 2010, all guests of Kessler hotels in Autograph Collection will have the opportunity to win an original painting of the artist.

In addition to Casa Monica the following hotels will join Marriott:

El Monte Sagrado, Taos, New Mexico
Grand Bohemian Hotel, Asheville, North Carolina
The Mansion on Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia
Bohemian Hotel Riverfront, Savannah, Georgia
Grand Bohemian Hotel, Orlando, Florida
Bohemian Hotel Celebration, Celebration, Florida

Date: 20/03/2010


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