Facebook offers to run the hotel

Facebook offers to run the hotel
Facebook offers to run the hotel

Hotel Manager online is a service provided for its users by one of the largest social networks of the world, Facebook. The game, which is called «Hotel City», today is among the ten most popular online games. At the beginning of April 2010 the total number of users of Facebook, who play in the «Hotel City», exceeded 900 thousand people.

«Hotel City» is a simulator of hotel business, in which every Facebook user can try himself as a manager of the hotel. The player has the opportunity to choose his own strategy for the hotel. It may be a luxury hotel or a budget one. The user can customize the options list, regulate the quality of virtual cleaning and invite the assistant staff from your friends on Facebook. Successful hotel booking in the game depends on a dozen of different options.

The concept of the game is already familiar to Facebook users for several similar project launched earlier. In particular, you can select the game Restaurant City, known in Russian social networks as "Restaurateur", where the user acts as a director of the restaurant.

However, to date, «Hotel City» is one of the fastest growing games of the network. In the ranking of the popularity of online games on Facebook as of April 2, 2010, it holds the 4th place.

«Hotel City» game is developed by Playfish - one of the most promising online games software companies of the last time. In 2009, Playfish was acquired by a gaming giant Electronic Arts company for 400 million dollars.

Currently games in social networks are in great demand. Millions of users each day spend on average three hours on the virtual joy. The most popular game in social networking today is FarmVille, which in Facebook is called Zoo World. In Russia, this game is known as "The Happy Farmer". In total, it is played by 80 million people around the world.

Date: 06/04/2010

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