The cheapest Hotel in London?

The cheapest Hotel in London?
The cheapest Hotel in London?

Tune Hotels - a chain of budget hotels in Malaysia – on June 21, 2010 reported that in the near future will present its first hotel in London. Budget hotels in London are opened every summer, so that statement could be left without media attention, if only ... not for the uniqueness of the new hotel from Tune Hotels. It attracts not with the building itself, but with the prices for rooms. The cost of a room in the first London brainchild of Tune Hotels will start from one penny.

The first hotel of budget network will be presented in August. It will appear in the Westminster, which is known for abundance of attractions and historic buildings.

It is worth noting that the rate of one penny per room in a new hotel from Tune Hotels is not permanent, but a promotional offer. In anticipation of opening the company decided to organize a promotional campaign for its potential customers. Room for one penny can be booked from 29 June 2010. The action was called "TuneDays" and will continue throughout July, till the opening.

Tune Hotels chain promotes its services in cooperation with the budget airline AirAsia. The concept of Tune Hotels in some way repeats the strategy of its air partner. The cost of hotel rooms in Tune Hotels includes the required minimum. There is a shower and a bed. For everything else, including breakfast and Internet, the guest must pay additional money.

To date, Tune Hotels is represented by 8 hotels in Asia: Malaysia and Indonesia. Room cost there starts from 2 euros. As for London, in the plans of the network is the opening of 100 hotels in the capital of Great Britain by 2015. According to the network representatives, the average cost of hotel rooms in London from Tune Hotels will be about 35 pounds.

In total, during London's auction from Tune Hotels are available online 1000 numbers. However, it is difficult to say whether there is enough of this amount for the first wave of demand, which will certainly grow on as news of this unique action will be spread around the world.

Date: 24/06/2010

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