Jumeirah will open hotels in China

Jumeirah will open hotels in China
Jumeirah will open hotels in China

Jumeirah Group, luxury hotel operator in Dubai, announced its intention to follow the world's largest hotel chains to start developing the hotel property market in China. Hotels in China under the Jumeirah brand will appear in China in the next couple of years.

According to executive director of Jumeirah Gerald Lawless, his company plans in 2012 to present in China 12 new hotels under its management. For Jumeirah this means a real expansion, which would increase the number of hotels managed by the network by 20%. Currently its portfolio is represented by 60 hotels worldwide.

In an interview with Arab media Lawless noted that the Chinese market for Jumeirah is one of the priorities of development and has a huge potential. According to Lawless Chinese market gives about 5% of revenue for the hotels across the globe. At the same time a couple of years ago the figure was 1%.

Even today in China are represented several hotels under the Jumeirah brands. Among them are the luxury hotels in Macau, Guangzhou and a hotel on the island of Hainan. In 2010 Jumeirah has also brought into the Chinese market the Venu brand. The first Venu hotel in China was opened in one of the largest business centers of the country - Shanghai.

China is currently experiencing a tourist boom. The annual number of tourist spending, which allow the Chinese themselves, grows by about 14%, according to the Chinese edition the People's Daily.

In this case opening of 12 hotels, which in any other world market would look a truly serious market entry, in China is not so impressive when you look at the plans of the largest hotel chains in the world. So, Hilton in the next five years wants to open in China 100 new hotels and Marriott - 60.

Date: 23/12/2010

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