Hotel for the dead in Tokyo

Hotel for the dead in Tokyo
Hotel for the dead in Tokyo

In Tokyo was opened the first in Japan hotel for the dead. It is reported by the Japanese edition Daily Yomiury Online. This unusual object of hotel infrastructure has created a non-commercial organization LISS System, which has been organizing the funeral for the past 17 years.

At first glance, such a business idea may sound crazy, but it reflects the real-life needs of the inhabitants of Japan, which has a very high population density. For this reason, most citizens are forced to solve funeral problems without delay.

Representative of the LISS System fund Nyokai Matsushima said the main motive of the organizers of such a service is: "Grieving relatives of the deceased often has to quickly choose the funeral agency, which then can cause problems ... We want to give people the opportunity to think of all the nuances to choose appropriate ceremonies until their deceased is temporarily "resting" in our hotel".

Hotel for the dead is located in a three-story center LISS Center Shin-Kiba, which is located in Tokyo district Koto Ward. It is designed for the simultaneous storage of 37 bodies of the recently deceased. To avoid possible confusion the bodies are identified with special labels with barcode.

The dead are placed in single rooms equipped with special lighting system, which has an antibacterial effect and slows the decomposition process. Rooms are decorated in traditional Japanese style. “Business room for the dead” cost 7.350 yen (USD 88.6) per day or 3,675 yen (USD 44.3) for 12 hours. Renting a room for the funeral costs 2.100 yen per hour (USD 25.3).

Thus, through such unusual service provided by the LISS Center, relatives of the deceased can now without hurry settle all the formalities and organizational issues related to the conducting of funerals and take advice of qualified funeral professionals.

Date: 04/01/2011

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