W Hotels opens its first hotel in Taipei

W Hotels opens its first hotel in Taipei
W Hotels opens its first hotel in Taipei

The first hotel under the W Hotel brand was opened in Taiwan's capital Taipei. W Hotels Worldwide brand belongs to one of the world's largest hotel corporations - Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc. The new object of hotel infrastructure W Taipei, which is located in the central business district, is 39th hotel of W Hotel in the world. Today W Hotel specializes in boutique and luxury hotels (opening of the 40th hotel was held on the same day in London on the Leicester Square).

31-floor W Taipei, which has 405 rooms and suites, was designed by the British recognized architectural and design company GA Design International Ltd, strikes with its shiny metallic stainless steel construction and a polished plate glass. It is the only hotel in Taipei, which windows offer panoramic views of one of the tallest buildings in the world - 101 Tower.

Eva Ziegler, the head of global brands W Hotels Worldwide and Le Méridien, told reporters: "W Taipei hotel is a very important step towards global expansion of the W brand, especially in mainland China and Taiwan ... It will certainly make to reconsider the notion "Taipei Hotel", as it is superbly equipped and can literally electrify this city."

Qian Jin, senior vice president of Starwood Hotels & Resorts in China and Taiwan, said that the W Taipei hotel will undoubtedly be a popular choice of those guests, who prefer style in everything and their way of life is determined by fashion trends. They must like the futuristic design combined with innovative style, a combination which is the feature of hotels owned by W brand.

W Taipei hotel has more than 2.800 square meters of space, tailored for business meetings and various events. The so-called Mega-room, with an area of 1.039 square meters, is the largest in the country room for balls and large meetings, which has no columns.

Date: 15/02/2011

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