Microsoft and Novotel developed the futuristic room

Microsoft and Novotel developed the futuristic room
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Earlier this week the leading international Novotel hotel chain, which is a member of the Accor group, and the global computer giant Microsoft has introduced new high-tech concept of a hotel room called "3120". The first "3120" room received its guests at the Novotel Vaugirard Montparnass, located, in the Montparnasse district in Paris on 14 November 2011.

Room of the future, which was created by Novotel and Microsoft, is a combination of advanced technology and stylish interior design, which breaks the traditional view of the hotels. Microsoft has equipped the concept room with Xbox 360 game console with the new revolutionary Kinect sensor, which allows playing games and controlling applications using voice and body movements. Few seconds are quite enough to get used to the interface and control of Kinect Xbox 360. Interactive mirror Sensorit was also created on the basis of the Kinect technology: information on it appears as if by magic, and it has a "fitness" mode. Surface media table offers a variety of children games for two or more players. "3120" room also perfectly suits adult guests, who are offered a variety of media, as well as music and news. French radio station NOVA (Le Grand Mix) and the leading business TV channel France BFM Business also decided to participate in the project room "3120" and to ensure its guests easy access to the world news.

Novotel and Microsoft believe that this project is a logical continuation of cooperation between the two companies, which began four years ago with the installation of Xbox 360 consoles in common areas of the chain hotels.

"In an era of technological partnership Microsoft is always at the forefront," - said the General Director of Microsoft France, Eric Bustulle. "Thanks to the advanced technology along with Novotel we brought the innovative concept of a room to the next level."3120" is a room of the new generation, inviting to discover the world of technical innovation in the comfort atmosphere of unique design".

Earlier, the President and the Chief Executive of the Accor Denis Enneken named the chain’s strategic goal – to become a model for the hotels worldwide, offering its guests completely new revolutionary level of service. As part of its innovation strategy Novotel offers a new type of a hotel room, which combines hotel stereotypes and new perspectives in using the space and the most advanced technologies.

"We wanted to offer a new vision on staying at the hotel, which combines modern design and digital technologies", - said the Accor director of marketing Gregoire Champetier. "It is important to consider the change of habits and expectations of our guests. In particular, this means rethinking of the room concept in the light of digital technologies".

Despite the innovativeness of the "3120" concept, all its details are thoroughly studied and ergonomic. The room is perfect for the family accommodation, here children can play and easy surf in the Internet.

"We wanted to create something new, unexpected and imaginative, releasing the people’s energy, - says Marcelo, Julian, the head of the Naço architectural firm that was selected for developing the Novotel room "3120" design, - We started with rethinking of basic forms and abandoned the standard cube. We also played with the light and removed the furniture from the passage. Flexible multipurpose room "3120" adapts to the guests’ needs, and not vice versa".

Visitors can get acquainted with this revolutionary, but absolutely realistic concept in a pilot room during the next three months. All equipment is fully functional and is ready for installation in the entire Novotel hotel chain in the near future.

Reservation of the "3120" room can be made three months beforehand. The room is suitable for no more than four people (two adults and two children under 16 years) and costs €199 per day from November 14, 2011 to February 14, 2012.

Date: 19/11/2011

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