Hotels in Mallorca: super resort in Magaluf

Hotels in Mallorca: super resort in Magaluf
Hotels in Mallorca: super resort in Magaluf

On the Spanish island of Mallorca, one of the most popular summer holiday centers in the Mediterranean, will be built a super-modern hotel complex. At the Magaluf resort was launched a multimillion-dollar project, which was named Sol Calvia Resort.

Project on creating a super-modern complex will be implemented on the territories of existing hotels. Thus, two hotels in Magaluf have already received the reconstruction license. Upgrading works and building of the new resort will begin in winter 2012.

According to the advisor of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of Spain Jaime Martinez, the project can be "ideal" for the environment and investors, as it does not provide for new constructions and will use the existing hotel space.

The ambitious project will be implemented by the Melia Hotels chain, which is the largest hotel operator in Spain. Creating of luxurious beach resorts is one of the main specializations of Melia Hotels. Due to the vast experience of the company the new resort in Magaluf has good chances for success.

The new giant resort on Mallorca will combine several functions. It will include hotels, shopping areas, as well as numerous tourist attractions. Melia Hotels plans to revive the Magaluf resort, which during the past few years has been in decline.

The project cost is estimated at about 130-140 million Euros. It is expected that the first stage of the restoration works will be completed before the 2012 summer season on Mallorca. It mainly means the reconstruction of the Royal Beach Hotel, as well as beach coastline improvements. Thus, an international surfing center is planned to be opened near the hotel. In total new Sol Calvia Resort in Magaluf will be designed for 5000 people.

Date: 12/12/2011

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