Jumeirah will buy the legendary hotel in Istanbul

Jumeirah will buy the legendary hotel in Istanbul
Jumeirah will buy the legendary hotel in Istanbul

The legendary hotel in Istanbul and one of the main attractions of the Turkish metropolis - Pera Palace - will be managed by the Jumeirah Dubai hotel group. It was reported by some Turkish media, in particular turkiyeturizm.com.

Currently Pera Palace is owned by the Turkish businesswoman Demet Çetindo─čan, who also owns the World Travel Channel. Negotiations have been conducted for a long time. In addition to Jumeirah hotel owners considered several candidates, including the Canadian-American network Fairmont.

Pera Palace is one of the most famous hotels in the world. Here in early XX century stopped the most respectable passengers of the luxurious train of the Orient Express company. Among the hotel guests were kings, movie stars, famous writers and artists. In the hotel stayed the Queen Elizabeth II, Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph, actress Sarah Bernhardt and director Alfred Hitchcock. Agatha Christie wrote her novel "Murder on the Orient Express" in one of the hotel rooms.

In 2006 Pera Palace was closed for major reconstruction, which lasted until 2010. Its second life began on September 1, 2010. Today the hotel has 115 rooms including 16 suites named after the famous guests.

As for Jumeirah, this hotel chain during the last few years has been trying to strengthen its presence in Europe. To date the company manages two hotels in the EU in Frankfurt and Rome. During the next six months the company plans to open new European hotels on Mallorca in Spain and in London. It is expected that Pera Palace will be managed by Jumeirah hotel chain since 2012.

Thanks to Pera Palace Jumeirah owners plan to not only to develop the famous hotel, but also to create the image of Turkey as a regional recreation center. Today Turkey despite its expensive hotels is known more as a huge budget resort in Europe. With Jumeirah the country can get additional advantages and earn the status of the respectable tourist area. In addition Jumeirah originates from the Arab region. It is likely that via the Dubai network Pera Palace owners will be able to attract the attention of wealthy tourists from the Middle East.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 30/12/2011

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