Hotel in Stockholm: a night for a masterpiece

Hotel in Stockholm: a night for a masterpiece
Hotel in Stockholm: a night for a masterpiece

Stockholm is a city, which is known for a wide range of unique hotels. Among them can be found dozens of unusual examples, including the world-famous hotel-prison Langholmen. And recently another interesting hotel has appeared in Stockholm.

Clarion hotel itself is not something special. It is quite a standard hotel, where, like almost everywhere in the Swedish capital, it is comfortable and convenient to stay. But Clarion’s PR-department allowed it to stand out of the crowd. Now this hotel promises to become a cult tourist place of the city. As here guests can pay for accommodation with their own works of art.

Clarion’s administration admits that the idea of accepting guests’ works of art as a payment for accommodation was inspired by the legendary Chelsea hotel in New York, which not so long ago was closed. Chelsea hotel is famous for its many celebrity visitors such as Bob Dylan to Andy Warhol.

Clarion’s general manager can be considered as the author of such unique way of payment for the hotel’s accommodation in Stockholm. As it turned out his grandfather was a painter closely connected with Chelsea. Several his works were used as decorations for the hotel walls.

Now the spirit of the Chelsea hotel will be found on the walls in Clarion. Any guest can pay for staying by creating some work of art on an A4 sheet. According to the manager, guests can paint anything from poetry to pictures or absurdist collages.

All works of art created in such way will be kept in the hotel. Clarion also reserves the right of property for each "masterpiece," reports
Hotel administration gives a simple explanation of such offer. They want to make Clarion the main hotel in Stockholm for meetings of creative people.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 13/06/2012

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