Belgian hotel occupied the clock tower

Belgian hotel occupied the clock tower
A hotel in Gent Photo:

Unique project appeared on the hotel market in Belgium. Its author was a Japanese designer Tazu Rous. As part of creating new art concept of the Belgian city of Gent the Japanese built a hotel at the historic station of the city - Ghent St.Pierre.

Here the uniqueness of the project is not that the old building was converted to a hotel. Such projects can’t surprise anyone in Europe. The novelty of the Hotel Ghent is in its form. This hotel with the only hotel room is built around the old city clock tower located at the station. Thus, a gigantic clock with centuries-old history is an integral part of the hotel interior.

To get to the hotel its guests will have to climb up the ladder to the height of 23 meters. Hotel Ghent is fully furnished and already offers its services to the guests. Here can stay the fans of exotic as well as tourists, who will go on excursions along Ghent as part of the TRACK exhibition of contemporary art, which exhibits are scattered around Ghent. For them the hotel is available from 12.00 to 18.00.

It is not the first such project for the Japanese Tazu Rous, who lives in Berlin. Previously the designer has built a similar one-room hotel around a number of monuments in different parts of the world. The idea of the hotel reminds the famous Japanese capsule hotels, which can be found at the railway stations in Japan. The only difference of the hotel in Belgium is that it is much more spacious.

Hotel Ghent opened its doors on May 12, 2012. The cost of room is 105 Euros per night. Now all available dates for accommodation in the hotel are already booked. This hotel in Gent will operate until September 16.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 18/06/2012

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