Booking FAQ

On this page you can find the answers on the various questions regarding the process and rules of booking. If you do not find the required information, feel free to contact us using the following e-mail address:

What bank cards are acceptable when booking a hotel? accepts credit cards of practically all world’s leading systems: Visa, MasterCard, Dinners club, American Express and others. Furthermore, you can use debit cards as well as credit cards, to make a payments. Nevertheless, in some cases hotel may reject a particular credit card without explanations.

What documents are supposed to be presented when taking up residence if booking was performed via the Internet?

Typically, a printout of booking form, which you show at the registration desk, is sufficient. If taking up residence in a hotel with automatic registration, you should have the credit card, which you used for booking, with you. In order to be 100% sure, what is supposed to be presented at the registration just contact the hotel of you choice via e-mail.

Can an e-mail with hotel booking confirmation be the reason for a visa reception?

In some embassies (for example, at the Embassy of Spain) e-mail with booking confirmation is the cause for issuing visas. Thereby it is necessary that the number of people specified in the request will be equal to the number of people applying for a visa. In some cases, the embassy requests a copy of the fax from the hotel.

Is it safe to specify personal data on the site, including credit card numbers?

If you enter your data in the booking form on the website, in that case the link with the booking system passes through the safe connection and your data comes directly to the bank or hotel, avoiding any third parties. There is a risk of fraudsters stealing your data in case if you send your personal data on a non-confidential basis (e-mail, fax, etc.).

Does the system withdraw money when booking?

Typically, the credit card number is only a guarantee of your financial solvency. The payments for the rooms are usually made directly in the hotel. In some cases hotels block the amount on the card equivalent to the cost of one night. There are also fines for the rejection of booking. Write-off of money as a penalty from your account will happen if you waive your reservation in less than one day. In any case, the conditions, under which the money can be withdrawn from your account, are written in the context of the order.

I have received a pin-code in a confirmation e-mail. Why do I need it?

Pin-code, specified in the e-mail, will have to be entered if you decide to abandon the previously booked rooms.

Can the room price change after a confirmation e-mail was received?

No. The price always remains the same.