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Hotels in Algeria: holidays in Algeria

Algeria today can rightfully be called a tourist country. In the mid 20th century, after Algeria was no longer a French colony, tourism here began to flourish. Then in North Africa Algerian hotels were as popular as another landmark direction - Morocco.

Hotels in Algeria: conflicts and consequences

Nevertheless, since 1992 and further decade Algeria suffered from civil war, which also affected the local tourism industry. Many hotels in Algeria were destroyed and there was practically no demand for accommodation. Nevertheless, during the past few years in Algeria there have been a trend of overall improvement of the tourism sector. But, it is still unsafe to travel alone, as evidenced by kidnapping of a tourist group in 2003. However, it is still rather an exception than a regular thing.

Network hotels in Algeria

Hotels in Algeria today are represented in different price ranges. At the top are global leading hotel operators. By tradition, the most widely representation here have French hoteliers. Already two hotels of the Accor hotel chain are among the best hotels in the country. These are Sofitel Algiers Hamma Garden in the capital Algiers and Mercure hotel near the Algerian airport. In Algeria are also presented American hotel chains. Among the most luxurious hotels in the country are Hilton Alger and Sheraton Club Des Pins Resort.

Algeria: the pearl of North Africa

It should be noted that most luxury hotels are located in the capital. At the same time, Algeria has been and remains one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in North Africa. The history of trade in the region near Sahara desert is presented in the historic tourist town of Tamanrasset, through which at one time went into the wilderness numerous trade caravans. 20 kilometers from the capital are located several beach resorts: Sidi Ferruh, Zeralda and others. Not so long ago in Algiers was opened the country's first water park.
Either way, the number of quality hotels in Algeria is still relatively small, so it is advised to book tours to the country beforehand. The cost of luxury hotel rooms in Algeria starts from 200 euros.

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