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from 5787.60 ZAR / night
The Table Bay Hotel
Cape Town, South Africa
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Tsala Treetop Lodge
Harkerville, South Africa
Garden Terrasse Non-Smoking Rooms
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from 1500.00 ZAR / night
Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, Cape Town
Cape Town, South Africa
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from 4592.90 ZAR / night
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South Africa

Hotel, Cape Town Hotel, Cape Town

Holidays in South African hotels

South Africa is an attractive place for tourists, who want to explore African exotic and relax by the sea. Reserves of South Africa in the valleys of the Crocodile and Limpopo rivers and in the area of the Dragon and Cape mountains today offer holidays in numerous safari hotels, villas and bungalows. Hotels in South Africa in such major cities as Cape Town or Johannesburg are represented by a wide range of world hotel chains and local hotel operators.

Depending on the type of holiday in South Africa tourist should choose the hotel in the country. South African climate is diverse. It is important to consider location of the country. Due to the fact that South Africa is located in the southern hemisphere, the season for Europeans here seems to be shifted - from October to April. Beside the climate among the main features of the country is left driving.

In the north of the country, near the border with Zimbabwe and Botswana, is located savannah area with abundant wildlife. Local hotels are presented by small houses, made in the national African style. Some of these hotels look like as real African villages, because on their territory are located several houses for tourists. The main sight of the north South Africa is Kruger National Park. Here you can find amazing hotels, where tourists have the opportunity to watch peacefully grazing elephants or giraffes. It is worth noting that 3-5* hotels of almost all national parks in South Africa, where today safari is organized (in addition to the Kruger Park, such parks as Eddo, Pilansberg and others), most hotels offer full board.

In the south of the South African republic hotels are presented wider. Here are located several cities that attract tourists: Oudtshoorn with its ostrich farm, shopping center and one of the largest ports in South Africa, Port Elizabeth, as well as numerous resorts along the tourist region of the Valley of Gardens, such as Plattenberg or Knysna.

As for beach holidays in South Africa, the most attractive in this regard are east and west coasts. Centers of the West Coast are Cape Town and Sun City resort. Hotels in Sun City are mostly luxury complexes of 4-5* hotels, Cape Town hotels are presented by more democratic range from two to five stars. Hotels of the west coast of South Africa in many ways contributed to inclusion of the country into the top ten world destinations for leisure according to the world leading travel publications (for example, Conde Nast Traveller). Capital of holidays in the east of South Africa is Durban. Durban is considered as a world center for surfing. Therefore, many hotels in Durban, offer separate services for surfers, including guides and surf rental.

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