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Hotels in Denmark, hotels for family vacation in Denmark

Hotels in Denmark, pious and fabulous country, are typically suitable for families with children. On this page is published general information about hotels in Denmark, as well as online reservation of hotels in Denmark (navigation by regions in Denmark on the left side).

Why hotels and holidays in Denmark are popular among family travelers? Perhaps, the fact is in the famous Legoland Park, located near the town of Billund, or, perhaps, in story-teller Hans Christian Andersen, whose features can be found throughout the country, from the monument to the mermaid in Copenhagen to the writer's museum in Odense. Anyway, Denmark hotels annually receive thousands of guests, and tourists with children are in majority. It became common that holidays in Denmark primarily mean quiet, comfortable and unhurried family vacation.

Hotels in Denmark are typical Scandinavian hotels with spacious guest rooms, even in 2* hotels, helpful staff and absence of language problems if you know basic English. The most famous tourist destinations and resorts in Denmark: Jutland region with many islands, Billund environs near the Legoland Park, Bornholm island and its beaches, miniature Odense and, of course, the country's capital - Copenhagen.

Hotels in Denmark are classified by "stars". To date, there are 500 1-5* hotels in Denmark, which are members of Horesta (Organization of hotel business in Denmark). To be eligible to use the star system in presenting its services, hotels in Denmark are obliged to offer at least 40 reservations. The main requirement for certification of the Danish hotel is clean rooms, so even the lowest level hotels can offer tourists comfortable staying.

A number of budget hotels in Denmark present its own group - Hotel Garni. Similar hotels can be found in other European countries, for example, Germany and the Czech Republic. The main distinguishing features of Hotel Garni in Denmark: 1-3* level and no restaurant.

The total number of hotels in Denmark is about 1000. The other half, which is not included in Horesta, is represented by small family hotels, or large recreation centers, similar to apart-hotels, where tourists are offered not just rooms, but fully equipped apartments. Hotels that are not included in Horesta also may use stars to indicate the level of its services, but in this case there is no guarantee of service quality and compliance with claimed level.

This type of hotels in Denmark (recreation centers) is additional evidence that the country is suitable firstly for family recreation. Recreation centers in Denmark offer rooms, where there are no customary hotel services, but which are more spacious and often offer more options. So, the guests can use their own kitchen that allows saving money on food in restaurants. In addition, many recreation centers in Denmark have their own classification, which applies both to facilities in general and classification of individual elements, such as quality of pools or offered rides (for children and adults).

The currency in Denmark today is the Danish krone. It can be changed in exchange offices of major banks and hotels.

Photo: Mikhail Hnot /H.J Lenk

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