Iberostar Hotels

The name of the hotel chain Iberostar gives a hint that allows to determine the Spanish origin of the company. Iberia - this is the old name for the Iberian Peninsula, the land where the ancestors of the Spaniards lived. Belonging of Iberostar to Spain also makes it clear that the main type of recreation, which the hotels of the chain offer - is, predominantly, coastal resorts.

Due to the hot subtropical climate and the reputation of Spain as one of the best regions for summer holidays in Europe, as well as using a clever strategy of opening hotels in the most famous resorts, Iberostar quickly took a leading position in the Spanish market of hotel real estate.

The basic principle in the development of Iberostar hotel chain is that the company prefers to open their hotels in close proximity to beautiful beaches. In addition, the policy of Iberostar in organization of leisure of guests helped the company to gain recognition as a hotel chain for family vacations.

Iberostar has developed special rules that regulate the entire process of hotel business, from the laying of the foundation stone of the hotel and ending with the operational control of the hotel, hiring of staff and job descriptions. One of the distinctive features of Iberostar is taking care of the environment. Dishes in the restaurants of Iberostar hotels, as befits a Spanish chain, are represented by local cuisine.

As for interiors and design, then for Iberostar spacious gardens with magnificent landscapes and pools are a hallmark. An army of highly qualified staff provides clients of Iberostar with a comfortable rest.

Iberostar is not limited by Spain only. Hotels of the chain can now be found on many resorts of the Mediterranean region, including Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Morocco, Italy, Tunisia, Montenegro, Cyprus. It stands to mention the system of accounting and booking of rooms in Iberostar hotels via the Internet. Business travelers and holiday-makers have the possibility to book hotel rooms via the Internet, focusing on the actual prices of the company. Iberostar deliberately expanding its capabilities for online booking and focuses on the development of IT services in the first place. Nevertheless, such a relatively old-fashioned way as a call-center is also available to customers of Iberostar. If the on-line information is not enough for the customer, he can always reach an Iberostar hotel by phone.

Iberostar hotels offer different packages for travelers. Whether that be honeymoon vacations at the sea, business trips or sightseeing tours of cities - Iberostar hotels offer for each type of travel and, consequently, for each type of stay appropriate and adequate solution.