Hotel Design

Hotel design. In the hotel industry this area determines the appearance of hotels, both present and future. As far back as three decades ago, the interior fashion in the hotel business was defined by the classic luxury hotels of Ritz class. Today not corporations, but individual artists are put in the forefront. It has become prestigious these days to entrust hotel design not only to professionals in the field of architecture, but also professionals who had not deal with furnishing rooms before - from fashion designers to sculptors. Among those, who design hotels to date, can be found ever more international celebrities: from Brad Pitt to Giorgio Armani.

Hotel design - a direction that attracts multi-million dollar turnover. Among the companies that considered to be leaders at the market of hotel design – such companies as HKS, Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo, Leo A Daly, which income amounts to tens of millions of dollars. Each of these companies has in its portfolio a number of high-profile projects. Thus, HKS Company, located in Dallas, has developed a hotel design for such well-known operators of hotel market as Ritz-Carlton (Hotel Ritz-Carlton in Dallas) and Starwood (Hotel W Dallas Victory Hotel and Residences in Dallas as well).

However, in the case of the hotel design, which is being developed by large companies for large companies, it is a matter of mass industrial design. The uniqueness of the hotel can be estimated in certain limits, which, one way or another, are limited by the policy of a hotel corporation. As for real design hotels, the market in this sector is still evolving. Nevertheless, now in the industry of hotel design there is a "pantheon" with a dozen names, which are the undisputed authorities in their field. Among them, the role of Zeus is performs by Philippe Starck - the guru of modern design, which has put his hand to the interior of several hotels, including Royalton Hotel in New York and Mondrian in Los Angeles. Starck's design concept has provided the basis for W chain, which was recently represented at the market by Starwood Corporation. It is believed that Stark was a founder of such direction of the hotel industry as boutique hotel.

In Europe, the reputation of authorities in hotel design has been secured by the Italians. There are several young, but already-established designers, who created the design for hotels not only in Italy but also in France and Britain. Such names as Bruno Borrione, which collaborates with Starck, and Olga Polizzi should be mentioned. Borrione is known, particularly, due to the project of Le Placide hotel in Paris. Olga Polizzi has earned recognition for the authentic design of the Tresanton hotel in English Cornwall.

In this section articles about the famous hotel designers, outstanding design projects that were implemented in the hospitality industry, as well as companies, working in the field of hotel design will be published.

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