Design Hotels AG

Design Hotels AG - one of the first companies, which have started offering services in the niche of designer hotels. Design Hotels AG - a hotel chain, which brings together under its roof about 170 hotels in 40 countries around the worlds. Design Hotels AG is also known under the brand All hotels-members of Design Hotels chain have their own owners.

Each of the Design Hotels- tries to be unique in everything: from the room design to restaurant menus and services. Modern hotels of glass and concrete, hotels in a colonial style, bungalows in the tropics ... Among Design Hotels AG there no similar hotels. The basis of concept of Design Hotels lies in offering unique commodity. Hotels of the chain can be found both in the traditional tourist countries, such as Italy or France, and in very exotic places, such as Bhutan or Laos.

Reservation of several hotels, which belong to Design Hotels chain, is available at

Hotel Mykonos Theoxenia, Mykonos, Greece
Hotel Kube Hotel, Paris, France
Hotel Mandala Hotel, Berlin, Germany
Hotel Augarten Hotel Art & Design, Graz, Austria
Hotel Gallery Hotel Art, Florence, Italy

Design Hotels chain was originally created as a subsidiary company of a large German travel agency Co-Ordinates GmbH. 1993 is considered to be the date of birth of Design Hotels. 5 years after the appearance of the brand the merger of CO-ORDINATES GmbH and Design Hotels under the brand name Global Networks AG took place. After another 3 years the company had experienced re-branding, and got its present name - Design Hotels. In 2001, upon the completion of the re-branding, Design Hotels chains included 23 hotels. In 2004, after a series of relocations, the headquarters of the company finally opened in Berlin.

To date, the major tasks of Design Hotels chain – sales organization, market research and PR for the hotel included in the chain. In addition, Design Hotels has an online hotel reservation system, a telephone booking service, and customer support service. Design Hotels annually publishes a guide to hotels of the chain - Design Hotels Book. In addition, Design Hotels organizes an annual symposium Future Forum for hotels-members - educational event in the field of hotel design.

Design Hotels – is a chain, hotels of which represent the segment of expensive hotels. Therefore, Design Hotels chain regularly takes part in two world's largest luxury industry exhibitions: International Luxury Travel Market in Cannes and Asia Luxury Travel Market in Shanghai.

Design Hotels annually receives hundreds of applications for inclusion into the hotel chain. In 2008, out of 400 candidates Design Hotels Company intends to seriously consider the inclusion of only 30 hotels.