Deluxe Rooms

Deluxe rooms – one of the most expensive rooms in the hotel. Deluxe (De luxe) – the word is from the French language, literally can be translated as <<of luxury>>. The luxury in the modern hotel industry has several degrees. Deluxe rooms – are the spectacular examples of that fact.

For rural hotels in Germany, France, Italy or England luxury means adherence to tradition. Punctuality and permanent courtesy in service, cuisine, the quality of ingredients of which was inspected for centuries, taste in furnishing – this is the appearance of classic European deluxe rooms. At the same time, deluxe rooms in huge hotels of Las Vegas reflect the style of this noisy place. Everything in them is charged with energy and has a propensity to exaggerate. In contrast to the hotels of American gambling capital, the hotels in Japan adhere to tradition of Japanese hospitability with their minimalism and moderate colors.

In different hotels the notion <<deluxe room>> can mean different degrees of comfort. The common attribute of deluxe rooms is their size. Recommendations of the World Tourism Organization advise to adhere to minimal area of about 35 square meters. Most hotels and hotel chains have adopted these standards.

Deluxe rooms are ranked within the highest category of hotel rooms. This category also includes suites, apartments and studios. In the <<golden billion>> countries the notion <<deluxe room>> - is common for all luxury rooms, including so-called president-rooms.

Deluxe rooms consist of several rooms. Typically, these are a bedroom and a living room. There are also suites with separate kitchens. In family hotels deluxe rooms are equipped with a separate nursery. Many hotels foresee the desires of their eccentric customers and place in their deluxe rooms special premises for pets.

Deluxe rooms of most hotel chains offer their client a wide range of various bonuses. In the price of deluxe room alcoholic drinks in room bar, tickets to opera performance, a subscription for the swimming pool or fitness center, desserts, flowers, massage sessions and tours to local sights can be included.

Deluxe rooms often offer a specific view from the window. In the world of hotel business, there are specific standards, which mean one or another view: SV – the room with a sea view, Mountain View – respectively with a view of the mountains, Inside View – a view of the inner hotel courtyard and so on.