Hotel Rooms

It is quite strange, that so far in the hotel industry has not appeared a unified classification system for the hotel rooms. Of course, today almost any modern hotel has at its disposal standard rooms and suites. But often the same category of rooms in different hotels may imply different living conditions.

There are basic classification systems, which are used in some counties mort than one decade. It basically concerns the hotel sector in Western Europe, USA, hotels in Australia, Brazil, Japan and some countries of the Asian region. During recent years, the system of hotel room classification was adopted by numerous residence buildings and hotels in Russia.

The class of the room in the hotel mostly depends on the structure of the hotel itself. The classification of the hotel rooms is often used not so much for the indication of comfort, as for the reflection of the number of beds. You can safely say that the general standard for the international hotel business today is a single room. Tourist, staying in it, can count on the separate bathroom, wardrobe, TV set. WI-FI connection to the Internet is a default option practically in all the rooms of new hotels.

Depending on the host country and the status of the hotel a standard room can have additional functions and features. For example, in many hotels in Britain washstands with the separate faucet for cold and hot water can be found. In Chine the standard set for the bathroom includes a hairbrush, a toothbrush and paste. Thereby the standard set for the bathroom in the world hotel industry includes soap, towels for body and hands and, of late, a shower gel.

In addition to the standard room, the world classification distinguishes more than 30 different types of rooms. The type of the hotel room can depend on the view from the window, the number and the size of rooms, the quality of furniture, the content of mini-bar and the availability of office equipment. In addition to the classification of rooms there is a classification of accommodation. There are also a lot of options: from a double room, where three or more people can stay, to accommodation with children or in the separate cabin on the territory of the hotel. Both the room types and the accommodation types have alphabetic acronyms, primarily in English. For example, BO stands for bed only and means that meals are not included. An abbreviation SV (sea view) in the description of the room means that you will be able to observe the sea through your window.

In this column we will try to tell you about the most common types of rooms and accommodation, adopted in many countries around the world.

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