Standard Room

Standard or single room – is a classic of hotel business. A single room in any hotel plays a role of its own currency. According to its price, it is possible to estimate the prices for other types of rooms in the hotel. In the hotel guides standard rooms are usually designated with 3 English letters – STD.

The level and range of services that is available in a standard room – is some sort of litmus paper that indicates the service level of the hotel. In 2* hotels after spending 10 days in the room you might not even meet a maid. While at 5 * hotels in addition daily cleaning the room can be served by a few more people: from florists to aromatherapy and sommelier specialists.

The price of a single room is affected by many factors: the furniture, view from the window, the softness of beds, a telephone in the room and even the soap aroma. In new 3* hotels rooms are supposed to equipped with the furniture made on a by-order basis. Rooms must have a TV, radio, bed, desk and closet. In Eastern Europe, China, India, several Latin American countries standard rooms are often furnished with the furniture, age of which can be determined only by the annual rings in wood. Nevertheless, many hotels prefer such comfort because it preserves «spirit of the place». In 5* hotels besides the luxury furniture, the presence of art works - paintings or sculptures - in the room is necessary.

All the standard rooms of 3* hotels are supposed to have their own bathroom. In common 3* hotels it is often replaced with a shower room. In 2* hotels a single bathroom or shower room for the block, consisted of 4 rooms can be found. In the rooms of common 4-5* hotels not only separate bathroom is required. The length of the bath itself is also regulated, which cannot be less than 160cm.

There is a minimum size of a standard room. For 2* hotels the minimal area is 6-9 square meters. The room size is gradually increasing by 2 meters depending on the <<star>> rank of the hotel. The minimal size of rooms in 5* hotels is 16 square meters.

In the hotels of Europe and the United States a standard room in a hotel has a double bed. Many hotels allow up to 4-5 people to stay in a single room. Typically, these are 2-3* hotels, which concern about not so much a reputation as obtaining short-term profits.