Suite – is a hotel room with an improved design. Suites are often similar in size to a standard room, but the quality of design remains at a high level. The main purpose of a suite – is to provide a customer with a homely home. And not only for a single person, but for the whole family or company.

Most of the suites are spacious rooms with original design solutions. There are several types of suites: junior suites, standard suite, and super suite.

Junior suite slightly exceeds in size an ordinary single room. Its area is about 20-25 square meters. Typically, the junior suite is just one big room, which is divided into two parts: recreation area and lounge. Thereat, junior suite has many technical options which are available in a usual suite, including satellite TV, stereo, DVD and other equipment. Internet access, mini-kitchen and bar – all of these can be found in this type of suite.

Standard suite – it is at least two rooms with a total area of 28-40 square meters. The <<inside>> of this type of suite is really up-to-date: plasma TV, computer, high-speed Internet. A standard suite is considered to be an idea option for business travelers. Furthermore, in terms of value, it may be more beneficial, as it allows a few guests to live together – whether it's a small company, colleagues or family.

Super suite, which is also called senior suite, executive suite and president suite, is often the most luxurious room in the hotel. In the U.S., Britain, Canada and some other countries there are special «bridal suites», which offer their services to newly married couples.

In the global hotel industry the term ensuite is also known. It means a bathroom in the room, which is connected directly to the bedroom.

In the hotel industry suites are considered to be the one of the most fashionable trends of recent times. Many companies open new hotels now, which only offer suites to their customers. Almost all the leading hotel corporations have such brands in their portfolio, for example giant Hilton and its Embassy Suites hotel chain, French Accor and its 3* suite Hotel. Since the term «suite» has not received the standard definition yet, «City of Hotels» recommends you to ask a certain hotel about the specific parameters of the room size and furnishing.