Hotel Services

Hotel services, their number and the amount of people engaged in them depends on the size of the hotel as well as on its status. Typically, the basic hotel services include reception guests, room service, food service, including restaurants in the hotel, and security. Sometimes in the small hotels the duties of security, a cook and a cleaner are performed by the owner himself.

Other services offered to guests of the hotel, can be considered as bonuses. These are the laundry service, massage room, fitness gyms, conference rooms, lock boxes for valuable assets and many other things. These services can be included in the price of the room or paid separately.

Recently, the hotel industry trends towards separating the services sector between hotels. Many hotels nowadays offer recreation for a particular group of tourists. Popular family hotels, hotels for the newlyweds and hotels for people with disabilities – each of them has its unique set of services. For example in the family hotel clients are offered services of child care and game rooms. In the hotel for the newlyweds there is a special service for weddings. In the hotel for disabled persons there is medical support service.

Among the services that are indirectly related to the customers, that means that they are not involved in direct care of guests, are marketing service and bookkeeping of the hotel. Reservation, once considered one of the main hotel services, today has become an anachronism. Nowadays, in order to book a hotel clients use services of the major tour operators. Online booking through the numerous tourist online services is getting increasingly popular.

Often the responsibilities of some hotel services are assigned to the other companies. In the United States and Western Europe the network of special hotel firms, which offer their services to the hotels, is widely developed. Typically, if the hotel uses the services of such companies, the price of the rooms will be slightly lower than in a hotel that provides a full range of hotel services on its own.


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