Housekeeping Department

Cleaning services or housekeeping department is responsible for the cleanness and order in the hotel. The housekeeping department personnel include maids, chief of housekeeping department, supervisors and senior maids. Housekeeping department, as well as the front-office, works in the round-the-clock mode with 3 shifts. Depending on the hotel status, room cleaning can be performed once or several times a day. The higher the <<star>> rank of the hotel, the more frequent a room cleaning is.

Housekeeping department – is one of the strictly regulated hotel services. Each postiton has its own well-defined instructions. An average duration of cleaning of the room, where a guest lives, is about half of an hour. Cleaning of an unoccupied standard room should take less than 7 minutes. During the shift maid tides15 rooms in average.

Supervisor or senior maids check the quality with the periodicity established by the internal order of the hotel. Supervisors must also follow specially formulated standards of verification.

Housekeeping department is responsible for the procurement and quality of detergents and household chemicals that are used in hotel cleaning services. Housekeeping department is also in charge of developing safety rules for use of certain disinfectants and household chemicals.

Hotel cleanness – is a concept that is perceived in different countries in different ways. Major hotel brands, which during many years have mastered cleaning technologies, are an excellent example to follow. In the hotels of Marriot chain or Four Season dust in the rooms in 5 hours after cleaning is considered to be a violation. Scrupulousness in the matter of cleanness – is a hallmark of hotels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In the modern hotels cleaning of rooms and restaurants is often charged to the third-party companies. Typically, such practice is used by small hotels on the threshold of the high season. However, there were some cases, when even huge hotels used the cleaning services.

Besides cleanness housekeeping department is also responsible for the comfort in the room. Among the hotel staff you can now meet florists, flavor specialists and even more exotic professions. Not long ago, hotels in New York began to employ <<sleep managers>>. Their responsibility – is to check the comfort of mattresses, bedding quality and the softness of pillows.

Housekeeping department – is a <<spine>> of the hotel. In many ways thanks to it hotel get its regular customers. Following the English proverb << Cleanliness is next to godliness >> many global hotel corporations are investing millions of dollars into the optimization of hotel cleaning process.