Good chambermaid - is one of the most popular professions in the modern hotel industry. Cleanliness in the hotel has always been one of the indicators that determine the attitude of the customer to the hotel. Therefore, chambermaids, who can provide the appropriate level of cleanliness, were set above rubies by hotelier all over the world.

Maid service – is a hard physical labor. Chambermaid has to clean about 16 rooms per shift in average. This number is not constant, because it is necessary to take into account the room size and the number of beds. Chambermaids dust, vacuum, make beds, check the safety of the room equipment. Their responsibilities also include the transmission of things, forgotten by guests to the lost and found department of the hotel. It is believed that the average time that the maid spent on cleaning of one room should not exceed 40 minutes.

When cleaning chambermaids use a special trolley with detergents and tools for cleaning. These trolleys have long ago become a hallmark for the chambermaid profession.

The duties of a chambermaid may also include laundering. Hotels, which have their own laundry, have special maids in their staff, who only do washing and ironing.

The main work of chambermaids is performed either before the arrival of a guest, or after his departure. In expensive hotels there is also an intermediate visit of a chambermaid. Anyways, it is allowed only with the permission of the client. Sometimes, guests call chambermaids when they need some help with ironing or care of their clothing. In this case the chambermaid can expect an additional tip.

It is believed that the salary of chambermaids is low, as it does not require additional special education. A standard salary of an ordinary chambermaid ranges from 100 dollars per month in developing countries to one and a half thousand - in developed countries. However, many hotels and hotel chains tend to avoid staff turnover and provide various bonuses for those chambermaids, who perform their work perfectly.

Career of chambermaid in the hotel business – is quite a rare thing. Nevertheless, even here it is possible to expect promotion. Housekeeping services in the major hotels have special chambermaids departments, which are headed by the senior chambermaids. An ordinary chambermaid can expect promotion in this segment of hotel business. Hotels of the major resorts in the USA, the Caribbean, Australia, The Mediterranean region and several countries in the Middle East offer annual wages in the amount of 40 thousand dollars.

The best way to find a job of a chambermaid – just contact a front office service. Administration at the registration desk will propose to fill in the employment form or connect the applicant with the person responsible for the personnel policy of the hotel.