Hotel Staff

Hotel staff - is the appearance of every hotel. People, working in the hotel, form the attitude of the clients to the hotel no less than the interior or the menu. Among the most common jobs represented in the hotel are: concierge, doorman, maid, technician, maître d'hôtel, cook, waiter, security guard, manager of the hotel. Big hotels hire animators, doctors, masseurs, dealers as permanent employees. It is considered a sign of a good tone for a modern hotel to have an independent specialist for public relations and PR-manager.

Hotel business is an independent branch of the hotel industry. Therefore, the question of hotel staff training is of a great importance. Nowadays, many universities have special departments, where specialists for the hotel industry are being trained. Major hotel chains create special schools, where hotel business is studied. There are hundreds of different external programs, which help to obtain skills of various professions in hotel business.

Nowadays, the standards of education in hotel business are Swiss and French schools. Among the most eminent institutions for staff training Hotel School in Lausanne, Switzerland can be distinguished. The range of professions, which are taught in the hotel industry, is rather wide: from financiers to specialists in the field of spa, recruitment and telephone conversations.

The amount of the staff engaged in hotel activity largely depends on the status of the hotel. According to the recommendations of the World Tourist Organization, the optimum number of staff per 10 rooms in three star hotel – 8 person, in four star hotel – 12 person, in 5 star hotel – 20 person.

What regards the level of payment, there is still no common approach. The amount of salary depends on a wide array of factors: country, belonging to a major corporation, seasonality, etc. There is a special programs for career advancement, bonus and award systems in some hotel chains. Like Marriott or Hyatt. With some degree of certainty we can tell you about the level of salaries for managerial staff in the hotels. If you take an American hotel market as an example, the average payment level ranges from 36 thousand dollars per year for a reception manager to 57 thousand dollars per year for the hotel manager. In Russia the hotel manager gets from 1, 5 thousand dollars in the 3 star hotel to 4 thousand dollars in the 4-5 star hotel.

Among the basic skills, that a professional engaged in hotel business must have, are: the ability to handle stress, punctuality, knowledge of foreign languages, and attention to details. Those requirements are universal for managerial staff as well as service staff.

In <<Hotel Staff>> column we will tell you about the main occupations in the hotel business, familiarize you with a number of professional nuances and provide you with the information about the level of salaries and demands for different hotel jobs all around the world.


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