Tip in Hotels

Tip in hotels is an integer part of hotel industry. This is a prime example of a tradition, which has become an inviolable rule in many countries.

An amount of tip and cases, when it is supposed to be offered is particular for each county. In some countries, for example in Japan and Australia, tip is forbidden and considered to be an offence. In several countries tip has the same status as a bribe. Many global hotel corporations prohibit their staff to receive additional money fro customers. Nevertheless, these extremes are not determinative for hotel business. Tips in the most of the modern hotels are considered to be the «second earnings», just like a hundred years ago.

In many countries, the tip has its special designation. The French call them pourboire - «to drink». In Greece tip – it is filodrima or <>. In some hotels tip is included in the room price. There will be a special section in receipt - <>. In Italy, for example, this section is called servizio e coperto. It is also can be found in Italian restaurants.

The major tip recipients in hotels are those employees, who directly contact with the guests. These are maids, waiters, concierge, doormen and porters. Tip will not be welcomed by administrators, florists and reception managers.

The size of the tip depends on the host country. In some U.S. states, for example, the tip size is defined by law. In the United States and Canada the most <> employee among the hotel staff is considered to be a waiter, serving the room. He receives, according to local etiquette, up to 20% of the order value.

In general, there are traditional rules for giving tip in the global hotel business. For example, the tip in amount of 1-2 euros to a porter for carrying your luggage from the door to the registration desk is considered to be optimal. The same tip should be given to a porter if he helps you to flag a taxi. However, if during the search for a taxi it will be raining on the street, the tip for a porter should be increased to 5 euros.

Porter carrying your luggage from the registration desk to a room expects the tip size, multiple to the number of your bags. In any case, the tip is supposed to be not less than two euros.

Tip to maids is given, depending on the mood of the customer. The common tip size is 2 euros in 3* hotel, 3-4 euros in 4-5* hotel. These prices are valid for Europe, the United States and some Latin American countries. In the Caribbean, and Asian resorts the size can be lower: 0,5 - 1 euro and the 2-3 Euro respectively.