Hotel Discounts

Discounts in the hotels are mostly dependent on the season of the year. In summers and winters discount season starts in some hotels, while in the others it is replaced with the high season.

In the beach hotels discount season starts from mid-September and last until mid-May. For ski resorts, where the high season starts in October, the hotels offer discounts for their rooms from the beginning of the summer. Traditionally, many hotels offer discounts to the customer for Christmas and New Year. But often such actions – are only the reduction of previously overrated prices to the normal level.

Typically, the standard amount of the discount for hotel rooms does not exceed 15%. Such a pricing policy is typical for most hotels in Western Europe, Britain, Australia and the United States. However, the global financial crisis makes adjustments to the established traditions of hospitability. The hotel owners have to make unprecedented actions in order to keep the occupancy of their hotels on the same level. The hotels of many European capitals, from Amsterdam to Prague, offer 30% discount and even more.

Besides seasonal discounts the hotels offer the wide range of discount programs. In Europe and the USA there are special club cards, the owners of which after collection of a particular number of points can book the rooms in the hotels with considerable discounts – up to 50% of the room cost. The price of the membership in such clubs is about 40 – 100 USD. After becoming a club member and paying dues annually, the clients gets a possibility to use the discounts within his/her country and abroad. Such saving system is particularly popular in the USA, where in addition to numerous travel clubs there are whole book series.

The hotels use discount in order not to lose a client in the conditions of a tough competition. This type of discounts is typical for hotel located in Turkey and South-East Asian countries. The number of hotels in this region grows every year, thus they try to attract tourists every possible way. In the case of Turkish and Malaysian hotels it is not necessary to wait for seasonal discounts. You should just track the offers of the hotel chains in these countries. However the discounts for hotel rooms are often provided by local hotel operators. Well-known world hotel brands do not give discount to their clients even in the off-season.

Discount for students should be considered separately. Discounts for them are usually provided by the budget hotel chains. In order to count on a discount a student must have an international program discount card. The best known of these programs is ISIC.

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