Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs or <<constant guests programs>> in the hotels and residential houses – this is a new method to maintain and increase the number of clients. Today it is used in many hotels. The main point of loyalty program consist in the following: hotel guest is offered to become a participant of a discount system for a certain payment or even for free. Client is given a special card, where points are being credited. Typically, points are received for how often the client or guest uses the hotel services. Subsequently the client can count on a variety of bonuses.

Many airlines and hotels offer joint loyalty program. So a traveler can choose whether to use the accumulated points for bonuses at the hotel, or take advantage of discounts for air travel. Some hotels, for example from Hilton chain, offer double discounts. That is, the customers receives bonuses during their stay, and when purchasing airline tickets.

Loyalty programs became widespread in the USA. It is a tradition for local business to make long trips and flight. Not long ago, one of the oldest loyalty programs - Gold Crown Club International of Best Western Hotels - celebrated its twentieth anniversary.

What bonuses does loyalty program offer exactly? The choice is great. Additional pleasant surprises can start with the newspaper in your room and grow with each subsequent visit. The accumulated points will let you to count on free cocktails and eventually you will have a chance to stay in a luxurious suit for free.

There are hundreds of loyalty programs in the world. The most famous of them belong to the world's largest hotel chains.

One of the best loyalty programs in the hotel industry today is considered to be Marriott Rewards from Marriot hotel chain. More than 24 million people take part in this program.

Hyatt Gold Passport. The program of Hyatt hotel chain, in which more than 200 hotels and nine airlines participate.

Holiday Inn Priority Club. Holiday Inn hotel franchise offers discount program to its clients for nearly 20 years. The program involves at least 2000 hotel and a pair of dozens of airlines.

Among other well-known programs - the aforementioned Gold Crown Club program from Best Western hotel chain, 6 Continent Intercontinental, A-club from Accor chain. Almost in all of these programs points as well as miles are received.