The Biggest Hotels

The biggest hotels of the planet –are, of course, huge complexes. They are not just hotels. The biggest hotels of the world are the whole cities. The amount of service personnel of each of these hotels may easily exceed the population of the capital of Andorra.

The first place among the world’s biggest hotels belongs to First World Hotel. First World Hotel is a recognized leader. The hotel is located in Malaysia, at the huge resort Genting Highlands, 50 kilometers away from the capital of the country - Kuala Lumpur. This mega-hotel, painted with all the colors of the rainbow, offers its guests a recreation in more than 6 thousand rooms. First World Hotel besides dozens of restaurants, 80 boutiques and a huge cinema provides its customers two theme parks.

There is a unique city in the world today, where almost all the biggest hotels of the world are gathered. Four of the ten largest hotels of the world are located here. The number of rooms in each of them exceeds two and a half thousand.

Las Vegas is the home for the second-largest hotel MGM Grand. MGM Grand belongs to the famous Hollywood film studio Metro Goldwyn Meyer, which created numerous legendary films, including popular movie serial about James Bond. MGM Grand hotel room capacity exceeds five thousand rooms. Everything is huge in MGM Grand: starting from lion statues and finishing with a giant swimming pool of 20 thousand square meters.

Luxor pyramid in Las Vegas – this building belongs to the third-largest hotel in the world. Luxor hotel, which have become one of the symbols of Las Vegas, offers its clients 4400 rooms. In addition to comfortable accommodation Luxor provides a lot of entertainments: from the IMAX 3D attraction to erotic dance show Fantasy.

Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel at the resort Patayya in Thailand – is the second largest in Asia and fourth in the world. 4240 rooms annually receive guests from all over the world. 15 kilometers of the Patayya cost are at the disposal of this hotel-resort.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach- is the largest hotel in Hawaii. One of the pearls of the Hilton Corporation offers recreation on the sea beach, as well as health and rejuvenescence treatments at one of the best spas in Hawaii. All the exotic of Polynesia, such as dances, fireworks, yachting along the coast – are at the disposal of guests. The number of rooms in the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach - 3380.

Among the hotels, which also hit the top ten: hotels of Las Vegas -Palazzo and Paris (3066 and 2916 rooms, respectively), Venetian Hotel in the former Portuguese colony Macau (3000 rooms), hotels Gaylord Opryland in Nashville entertainment park and Pop Century Resort in the Disney amusement park (2881 and 2880 rooms, respectively).