Hotel Records

Do you know what the most expensive hotel in the world is? And what hotel has the biggest number of rooms? And how does the smallest hotel in world look like? Hotels and their records will be the main topic of this section.

Records in the field of the hotel industry were most actively set during the last two – three decades. The tallest hotels and the most expensive hotels in the world: many of them were built in XXI century. Among the ten tallest hotels in the world 7 of them were constructed after 2000.

Among the regions, which own the majority of records in the hotel industry today, are countries of Southeast Asia and the Middle East. In modern history the United Arab Emirates is an unequivocal leader according to the number of record breaking hotels. In the UAE, in the city of Dubai the famous hotel Burj Al Arab was built. To date it is acknowledged as the most expensive hotel in the world. Burj Al Arab – is the only hotel on the planet, which was awarded with 7* status.

Records are set not only by the hotels, but also by the hotel chains. The chain, which for nearly half of the century remains an absolute record holder for the number of its hotels and geographical coverage, is Best Western Hotels. Best Western unites more than 4 thousand hotels in 80 countries around the world.

The famous Guinness Book of Records among the achievements relevant to hotels contains a number of impressive facts. Grandiose actions, which have become the part of the history of the world hotel business, are among them. Thus, hotel <<Fairmount>> in San Antonio is considered to be the largest hotel ever entirely moved over a long distance. Three-floored red brick mansion was a historical monument of the USA and couldn’t be destined to destruction. Therefore, the hotel was not demolished. In 1985 <<Fairmount>> building weighing one and a half thousand tons have been moved over 5 districts to a new address. 30 giant rubber rollers were used for its transportation, and a bridge, which hotel has passed over, was supplementary strengthen.

Hotels compete not only in size but also in the cost of rooms and the number of floors. There are many unique hotels in the world, which are the only ones of their kind, so they have a leadership a priori. Thus, in Holland, in the port of Harlingen the hotel is located in the port crane. In this hotel-crane you will be offered a two-level room with a view of piers and shipyard of Harlingen. You will never have a possibility to stay in a hotel-radar, except Panama. The hotel is called <<Kanopi Tower>>. In due time radar belonged to Americans, and it was rebuild to a hotel not long ago. << Kanopi Tower>> is located in the tropical jungles of Panama, in the heart of the National Park Soberanía.

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