The Tallest Hotels

The top ten of the highest hotels in the world is formed by the hotels of Middle East and South-East Asia. Among them – the hotels of Dubai, Thailand, Shanghai, Hong Kong. In the Top-10 world's highest hotels an advantage of «Asian tigers» over European and American hotels is absolute.

The tallest hotel in the world – is the recently opened Rose Tower hotel. It is located in the UAE, at the Dubai resort. The absolute world record – 333 meters – was set by the hotel in 2008, when its construction was accomplished. There 72 floors in Rose Tower today.

The second place is hold by the Ryugyong hotel, located in Pyongyang – the capital of North Korea. Despite the fact that a tourist in North Korea – is a rare event, Ryugyong firmly retains the status of the second-tallest hotel in the world. Its height is only 3 meters less than the height of Rose Tower. For the sake of justice is to say that even if North Korea began to receive visitors, it wouldn’t be able to invite them to Ryugyong. The hotel is the tallest unfinished building in the city.

The famous Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, also know as <<hotel-sail>> and the most luxurious hotel in world, is in the third place. The hotel, every room of which is two-storied, was considered to be the tallest one in the Middle East for 9 years. Its height is 321 meters.

The fourth place among the world's tallest hotels belongs to another Arabian jewel from the UAE - Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel. Against the background of the previous two fellow-giants, Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, which is also called <<Emirates Tower Two>>, stands fairly modest – 309 meters.

Fifth place is occupied by the Bangkok hotel - The Baiyoke Tower II. The height of the hotels is 309 meters. Baiyoke Tower II consists of 78 floors and located in the heart of the capital of Thailand. The building is not completely used as a hotel, only from 22 to 74 floor. Baiyoke Tower II hotel has long ago become one of the sights of Bangkok, and probably due to the review site scenic viewpoint, which revolves around the building.

At the sixth place – Cullian hotel-skyscraper in Hong Kong, the tallest Chinese hotel. Cullian consist of two twin towers. The height of each of them is 270 meters. The hotel is especially popular among the business tourists. And the view of the Victoria Bay, which can be observed from the windows of its rooms, is magnificent.

258 meters height of Grand Lisboa hotel in Macau has allowed it to become the seventh highest hotel in the world. Grand Lisboa hotel was officially opened in summer 2008, although the hotel’s casino, located on the first floor of the building was opened in February 2007. Today Grand Lisboa hotel has become one of the symbols of the former Portuguese colony in China.

Grand Lisboa in Macau divides seventh-eighth position in the list with Lanko Grand Hyatt Hotel. Lanko Grand Hyatt Hotel is located in the Chinese city of Chongqing and its height is also 258 meters. The hotel was opened under the famous brand of Hyatt, and it is the highest among the hotels, which are the members of American hotel chains.

Skyscraper city Shanghai is represented in top ten with the Oasis Skyway Garden Hotel. This hotel has 52 floors and its height is 226 meters.

JR Hotel Tower from the Japanese city of Nagoya closes the ten. JR Hotel Tower Building as well as the Cullian building in Hong Kong consists of two towers of the same height. JR Hotel Tower is located in the immediate vicinity of Nagoya railway station.
Cities of the South-East Asia and the Middle East firmly hold the leadership not only in the top ten, but in top thirty of the world’s highest hotels. Europe and the United States are represented modestly: Among the thirty highest hotels only seven are located in the Old and New World. The highest among them - 12th place – is occupied by the Marriot Hotel in Detroit.