Apart Hotels

Apart hotels (or apartment hotels) – is one of the newest trends in the global hotel industry. As the name implies, apart hotels are set up as an apartment. Primary, it was possible to book apart hotels at the traditional beach resorts. Demand for them was formed by couples with children, for whom traditional hotels were not sufficiently flexible concerning room furnishing. Shortly a slogan was formulated, which precisely describes the functions of an apart hotel: « It is better to live than to stay». This implies that service in traditional hotels and the possibility of personal freedom and comfort didn’t fully meet customers' needs.

Apart hotels compare favorably with conventional hotels because they offer apartments fully suitable for life not a standard range of options for accommodation. Thus, living in the apartment hotel is approximately the same as living in the flat. And here we can see two advantages that distinguish apart hotel accommodation from renting an ordinary flat and make it closer to the hotel. First, in the apart hotels the tradition booking system is used. Client can book apartment by simply making a call to the reception. Secondly, when booking rooms client is not required to enter into a formal contract and the extent of his responsibilities is stipulated in the basic rules of apartment-hotel. In addition, apartment hotels, guest can receive a bill in any convenient time.

Apart-hotels as an option for accommodation are suitable for those who need to stay far from home for a long time. Apart hotel rooms are equipped with all that is usually necessary for life in a normal apartment, starting with equipped kitchen to DVD and gym apparatus in the living room. Suit in an ordinary hotel can be compared to the room in apart hotel, but with some reservations, which concern the room size and the price. The prices in apart hotels are often lower than in ordinary hotels. Apart-hotels are preferable as a long-term residence: from the month, up to several years.

Among the famous world brands, which offer apart hotel services, are: French chain MaMaison, Staybridge Suites brand from hotel corporation InterContinental Hotels Group, Adagio apart hotel chain from Accor. The proposals of apart hotels are in portfolios of most travel corporation, from Hyatt to Hilton. In USA and Canada apart hotels have become an integral part of hotel market. The same can be said about the countries of Western Europe. This type of hotels is popular in England, France, and Benelux. In Russia apart hotels are represented in Moscow and St. Petersburg. One of the most famous apart hotels in Moscow are – MaMaison Pokrovka 5* at street Pokrovka 40, in St. Petersburg - 3 * hotel Kronverk at street Bolhina 9.