B&B Hotels

Bed and Breakfast hotel Bed and Breakfast hotel

Bed and Breakfast hotels – is an option for those, who prefer not to spend extra money for the hotel room, but at the same time expects a certain level of comfort. For the designation of Bed and Breakfast hotels an acronym B&B is often used. B&B hotels are small family type hotels, where the guests are offered domestic comfort and cuisine.

Bed and Breakfast hotels have spread around the world from the British Isles. The Englishmen has first invented the name for an easy and comfortable type of accommodation during the travels. In Bed and Breakfast hotels client had a possibility to count on a required minimum of services. These services were limited in the literal sense by the bed and breakfast.

B&B hotels generally have a standard classification – from 2 till 5 <<stars>>. However, many Bed and Breakfast hotels do not have a status at all. Even so they are not shelters for the homeless. Cleanness, comfort and convenience in these hotels are often higher than the standard. This happens because a unified system for the valuation of B&B has not yet been developed.

The main distinguishing feature of B&B hotels – is a small number of rooms and the management structure. In the world hotel business the basic requirement for the hotel to be B&B: the hotel should be managed by the owner of the house or the members of his/her family. If the small hotel receives a professional management, in that case Bed and Breakfast is considered to be a guest house or a mini hotel.

Among the advantages of Bed and Breakfast – not only the room price. Often the owners of B&B can offer their customers a wide range of related services: from excursions to craft training. In addition, each Bed and Breakfast hotel – it is a unique museum. You can not only value the abilities of the hotel owner in design selection, but also get acquainted with the local rituals and traditions. Statuettes, embroidery, tools and style of cooking - in many Bed and Breakfast hotels lifestyle demonstrates the national identity much brighter and the Discovery Channel.

Among the regions of Europe, where Bed and Breakfast hotels are wide spread today, are: Italy, Spain, Greece, France and Britain. Throughout the world there are over 50 thousand Bed and Breakfast hotels today.

Very often, Bed and Breakfast hotels are located in private houses, the owners of which rent rooms only during the high season. This type of accommodation on the resorts is also available in Russia and Ukraine. However, the level of services in the Russian and Ukrainian B&B hotels is significantly lower than the European one and the prices sometimes are even higher.

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