Eco Hotels

Eco Hotel in Peru Eco Hotel in Peru

Ecological hotels appeared as a result of increased demand for natural recreation, which has formed at the hotel market in the last two decades. Today eco hotels become more and more popular and open everywhere. Some of them offer services in megalopolises, providing guests with 100% clean water, food and natural materials of room decoration.

The main differences between eco hotels and other hotels is in fact that ecological hotels are mainly located in protected natural areas. eco hotels operate on the principle of the harmonious neighbourship with nature, not polluting the environment with waste products of tourists.

Today more and more travelers turn to the travel agencies with a request for ordering a room in ecological hotel. Until now the prices for accommodation in eco hotels are far from cheap. This can be explained due to the special requirements, which hotel is supposed to fit with during its construction and operation.

Many eco hotels are huts or houses, built according to the technologies of indigenous tribes living in a particular protected area. eco hotels are widely spread in the countries of Oceania and Central America. eco hotels are often located in impenetrable jungle, where the presence of human is still a rare phenomenon.

Facilities in many eco hotels are minimal: a bed or a hammock, a table, a couple of chairs. As a rule, all the furniture in the rooms of ecological hotel is made of natural materials: stone or wood.

.Among the additional services, which eco hotels offer guests, is ecological education. Visitors are trained to recognize local species of plants and animals, taught how to reduce the negative personal impact on the environment.

eco hotels are in close conjunction with ethnographic tourism. Therefore, their guests often have the opportunity to become acquainted with the culture and traditions of different ethnic groups.

Meals in environmental hotels often repeats local traditions. If the hotel is located on the territory of the African savannah, the guests will be offered the local food: couscous, topinambour porridge, buffalo milk. Hotel cuisine in the Siberian taiga will include such products as pine nuts, fish and game. Some eco hotels offer a rather extreme way of recreation, when guest should look for food themselves. Numerous reality shows in the spirit of <<The Last Hero>> have advertised these hotels.

eco hotels – it is not just hotels, created in the harmony with nature. There a some unusual hotels in the world, which were built using only recycled materials.

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