It is difficult to imagine more suitable accommodation type for young travelers than hostel. This hotel type is extremely popular among today's students, mainly thanks to its cheapness. Hostel doesn’t offer luxury rooms and wide range of services. It is more type of dormitory, than a hotel, where under one roof, in a big room people live, who are not discouraged by the communal discomfort. Actually, the word «Hostel» can be translated from Arabic so - a dormitory.

Hostel is good as an option for low budget travel. The first hostels were school buildings, stand empty during the holidays. They rented by traveling students. Today the number of hostels in the world exceeds four and a half thousands. These can be school and university dormitories or specially constructed buildings. There are also very unusual types of hostels, for example former prison in Slovenia or a hippy commune consisting of several apartment buildings in Sydney.

Hostel is difficult to call the hotel in the true sense of the word. Typically, most hostels do not offer separate rooms for living. Often you live with several people in one room. Also, you shouldn’t expect a separate kitchen and bathroom. So, if you want fresh towels, then you will need to bring them with you and wash. Nevertheless, these inconveniences can be overcame, if to take into account that the average price per night in the hostel is about 10 USD.

Some hostels offer food and drinks as additional services, which are included in the price of the room. In this case, the client can expect a separate place to eat.

Many hostels have a strict schedule and rules. There is often a ban on smoking, drinking and visiting guests. In Bavaria the age of hostel customers is formalized in legislation. It must not exceed 26 years.

The most serious problem in the hostels is considered to be the security. Despite the fact that most of them have special protection, theft in hostels is still blowing a shadow on their reputation. Therefore, just in case, when staying in hostels, try not to part with your cash, credit cards and passport.

The bright side of living in hostels is that you have an opportunity to get acquainted with many interesting people. Hostels are some kind of centers for creative people: musicians, artists, actors.

The global hostel movement is getting more popular year after year. Today its leader is considered to be International Hostel Association, located in the USA. There is also a similar association in Europe – Hostels of Europe. After becoming a member of one of these associations you may expect discounts when booking rooms.

Countries in Europe, where the hostels have become one of the most popular accommodation type: Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Holland.